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A Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) is designed for venue managers who permit third parties to use their facilities for specific events. It protects the facility user against claims by third parties who may be injured or damage the premises through participating in an event, while providing the venue manager peace of mind knowing the user has adequate coverage in place. By purchasing coverage under a policy specifically written for tenants/users, the tenants/users not only meet the contractual obligations required by the venue manager, but obtain coverage that is competitively priced. Events can range from very low-risk events, such as meetings, receptions or weddings, to higher-risk events including festivals and fairs, sports events or concerts. Costs for the facility users are based on the risk, the number of days, the number of participants, and if there are any special requirements, including alcohol liability, waiver of subrogation, hired/non-owned, etc.